"Hypnotic Mist 101" - Diaper Delights


HM 101 - Diaper Delights

This is a delightful file to help you accept and enjoy wearing diapers.

We know some of you are shy about wearing your soft, comfy diapers all the time, so we will help you overcome that shyness and learn to love your diapers and wear diapers all the time.

This file won't make you lose bladder or bowel control, but it may help you enjoy wetting in your diapers. After all that's one reason you love wearing diapers and enjoying diaper delights.

This is a wonderful file to begin your journey training to be Mommy Emma's happy submissive baby if you wish to become a hypnotized, submissive baby.

Start by getting comfortable in your diapers and wearing diapers all the time, then continue your training to be a happy, submissive baby using Mommy Emma's wonderful Hypnotic Mist files.


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