"Hypnotic Mist 5" - Baby Girl


Before using this file you must have used HM1 – Complete Submissive Baby and experienced results with that file.

HM1- Complete Submissive Baby plants the suggestions for your baby brain, so we can teach your baby brain new behaviours and beliefs. You should now be wearing diapers all the time and wetting your diapers like a baby.

Hello again, my good submissive baby.

This file will deeply influence your baby brain to become the baby girl you want to be. Good submissive baby girls will love to listen and obey, as you learn to accept that you need to become even more girly, so much more feminine and sweet than ever before. Permanent changes will be made to your life, giving in to your needs and having everything that is not the sweetest baby girl you can be removed, so that you can live your life as you have always wanted.

Listening to this baby training will cause you to become so much more babyish, with the mind of the sweetest little girl you can and will achieve. She will have the needs and behaviors of a baby girl, and you, your parent, or caregiver can safely and easily trigger you into, and out of your baby girl self.

All of the changes your previous Mist file training will remain deep in your mind, and grow stronger and more permanent, and this file will confirm for you that the baby that you are is a good, submissive little girl. The good submissive girl that you are will happily and obediently accept her new trigger to completely change into the cutest little baby girl, only coming back to her normal state when triggered to stop being in baby girl mode.

The world of the baby girl that you will become does require frilly, adorable baby girl clothing, so make sure you have, or are able to get the cutest dresses, sleepers and frilly plastic baby panties or you might find yourself getting upset at not being able to dress up as she always wants to be dressed.

If you can feel your baby brain getting excited as you read about the changes you will have with this baby training, that might be a sign that your baby brain truly wants this because she knows just what she wants and needs.

Is she imagining the frilliest dresses, and the cutest baby panties to go over her warm, wet diapers? Is she taking over your thoughts already, and making you want to become a good submissive baby girl? That's a good submissive.

Made as always in partnership with the amazing MindMaster.

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