From Big Boy To Sissy Baby - Forced Baby JOI


This file has three major effects in one; You will have a trigger to become a complete baby until you decide to grow up for now, a trigger to become an adorable sissy baby girl, wetting her diapers under her frilly dress, and finally, the sound of rubbing a diaper will be an intense arousal trigger that will kick in when your mind decides it's nearly done as a sissy baby, forcing you to play with yourself until you have a sissy baby orgasm, bringing you back to normal, with a strong desire to be a good little sissy baby again sooner and sooner.

The orgasm will be forced, every time. You will need to cum to become yourself again unless something unsafe would happen.

The file has many, many safeties, and you will plan to make sure you don't have to worry while you are a baby.

In this file, I will be installing triggers so that you will become a baby boy, or a sissy baby, for as long as you want. The baby in you will come out, and make you behave as a baby until you're ready to grow up again. The sissy baby in you will be developed until she controls your thoughts, actions and desires, princess.

When both are used, you will act like, and believe that you are a little sissy baby girl who must wear pretty dresses, onesies, knowing that your bottle is how you drink, and knowing that as a baby, your diaper is meant to be getting full, just like all babies.

This file will create these pathways, where being a baby boy or a sissy baby are all deeply powerful states of mind, which can take over your thoughts and actions completely until you're ready to come back to your normal self again. This file does not cause dependence on wearing girly clothes, or long term incontinence, unless you don't want to go back to who you were anymore...

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You can achieve this goal only if you wish to.
For entertainment purposes only.

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