"Hypnotic Mist 4" - Permanent Poopy Pampers


Before using this file you must have used HM1 – Complete Submissive Baby and experienced results with that file.

HM1- Complete Submissive Baby plants the suggestions for your baby brain, so we can teach your baby brain new behaviours and beliefs. You should now be wearing diapers all the time and wetting your diapers like a baby.

Hello, my sweet submissive babies. If it is time for you to take the permanent step towards becoming a real baby, then you need to poopoo your diapers like a real baby, don't you?

That is what this file is for, my special sweet submissive babies, the next big step in becoming a real baby. All babies go poopoo in their diapers, and soon you will be too.

You will have your baby behaviours confirmed and reinforced deeper than ever before, taking what you've learned in the previous Mist files to be Mommy's good submissive baby. You will be even more helpless to resist your baby brain's needs, and there will be changes to not only your mind, but your little baby body too.

You'll learn to helplessly make poopoo in your diapers or your pants all the time just like a little baby, forever and ever. You'll become Mommy's sweet submissive baby in wet, poopy diapers from now on, and it will feel so good, so right, you'll always want to wear your soft diapers and make poopoo in your diapers or your pants.

Won't that be fun, sweetie? A good little baby in nice, poopy pampers!

This file will help you experience making poopoo in your diapeys or pants helplessly and effortlessly just like a little baby from now on.

Your baby brain will take on even more control over your behaviors and beliefs, as Mommy will control your baby brain more with every listen, and turns you into a much better, happier baby, forever.

So, take the next trip, deep into the mist, as you are made to toddle around in wet, messy diapers, sucking your paci or baba, babbling cute baby words, holding your special comfort toy.

This is the permanent version of the Hypnotic Mist 4 - Poopy Pampers file, so make absolutely sure you want to lose all control of messing before you choose to get this file.

Made as always with the amazing MindMaster, this file will make you become the complete baby you know you want to be and will become.

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