MM3_BabyTrain2 - SleepTrainer


MM3B Baby Trainer - Sleep version

NB: You MUST use MM1_Bladder Retraining before using this or any of the other MM files.


This file has no awakener, and can be used as a continuous loop all night to program your subconscious, similar to the MM_BladderRetrainReinforcer file.

This file will reinforce your loss of bladder control, and love of diapers, and acceptance of being a baby.

Additionally, this file will teach you some proper baby behaviours and let you behave as a baby should behave, normally and naturally.

Please note, this file will make you permanently impotent and unable to achieve an erection, so you wet your diapers uncontrollably all the time.

After all a baby can not have an erection or they wouldn't be able to wet.

Also the file will cause your penis to shrink to smaller than a newborn baby's penis, and it will remain so forever.

This file combined with the Full version is generally fully effective in less than 10 days.

Your penis starts to shrink the very next morning after the first session, and you begin to become impotent immediately after listening to the file.

Within 10 days you have a tiny little impotent baby penis and will always be so.

You have been forewarned, so don't cry to me when you have a tiny little baby penis that is always soft and impotent.

NB: You can NOT edit out the suggestions for impotence and tiny penis as this will destroy the flow of the file and background binaural effects.

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