Becoming a Baby Forever 1: Only Baby Desires


Hello sweeties, this is a series of modular files that will allow babies like you to become as babyish as possible, covering the many elements of babyhood. The effects are permanent, so please read carefully.

In this file, you will be brainwashed to only enjoy baby things.

Your paci? Yes! Alcohol? No! Having a nursery? Yes! Pornography? No! Wearing diapers? Yes! Husband or Wife? No! Mommy or Daddy? Yes!

This is a serious brainwashing file that will remove the pleasure you get from anything not associated with being a baby. You will not think about the things you used to like, your brain will be permanently focused only on the desires of being a happy baby.

You will feel Baby Joy and Wonder, incredible waves of Baby Joy and Wonder all over your body every time you act as a baby, as a reward for forgetting all about the grown up things you used to enjoy. Before listening, you may want to sell, or give away your grown up hobby materials, delete all of your pornography, and if you have a partner, tell them that you are about to undergo a dramatic change, where you will wear diapers all the time, and come to wet and potentially mess as a baby.

You will play only with baby toys, plushies, and other fun baby items, drink only from baby bottles, and you will never again remember the idea that what you used to like as a grown up was pleasing. Your mind will just not think about trying things that are enjoyable only for grown ups. Once you are dependent on this file and accept its commands, it has cursed you permanently and there is no way to resist your regression to, and obedience of your baby desires.

Absolutely life changing, so DO NOT DOWNLOAD if you don't want all of these effects to occur.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You can achieve this goal only if you wish to.
For entertainment purposes only.

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