Becoming a Baby Forever 3: Princess Pottypants


Welcome back to the Becoming a Baby Forever series. This file will take your baby brain and show it exactly why it loves pink, frills, lace, ponies, dresses, cute plastic panties, dolls, plushies, everything a little Princess Pottypants needs in her life.

You will become feminised by your own addiction to being a sweet little baby girl. Being girly will regress you. Feeling babyish will make you make you more feminine.

The pleasure will increase with every listen, triggered the second you are being a good little baby girl.

This is the perfect file for sissy babies and little girls to turn their love of being cute and frilly, pink and girly up to the max. You're not a grown up, you're Princess Pottypants!

Listening to this file will make you need to be the cutest baby princess in the world. You may find that being Princess Pottypants leads you to tea parties with your plushies, talking like a baby girl, or even finding that the princess inside you needs even more baby training. :)

Princess, just be aware that the effects of this file are permanent and irreversible; with three different trigger phrases that reinforce one another, locking changes in permanently, causing addictive pleasure and relaxation whenever you're thinking or being girly, and altering your desires and needs forever.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You can achieve this goal only if you wish to.
For entertainment purposes only.

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