Diaper Love Conditioning Loop (Female Voice)


This file will make you love diapers. You will love wearing them, thinking about them and the choice is left to your subconscious if you want to use them for wetting and/or messing. To create trust, here is the full script : (https://pastebin.com/JcErpiu9).

This will make you permanently choose to wear diapers instead of other types of underwear, leaving using the toilet your choice to make. You will also think about diapers much, much more, thinking of their designs in your head, feel good when you think about diapers, feel your diaper or buy diapers, prefer porn with diapers, and even make you smile every morning because you woke up in a diaper.
There are a few suggestions about buying other babyish items, again left to your subconscious to choose if you want to do so.

This file does not cause regression, as you'll be wearing diapers as much as possible, and it could harm your lifestyle if it caused regression while diapered. This is female voiced, male voiced version is available too.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You can achieve this goal only if you wish to.
For entertainment purposes only.

Email Mommy at sweetdreamshypno@gmail.com

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