Mommy Makes You Her Baby Forever (Curse)


(WARNING : This file causes permanent bladder incontinence, hyper-arousal when wetting your diapers or being regressed, a need to turn your bedroom into a nursery, and being owned by Mommy forever. Do not listen or download if you do not want those things to occur. This is permanent, and deletes subconscious memories, so be very careful.)

Let Mommy into your brain, little one. Mommy is going to make you feel so good about yourself, and your baby brain.
First, you must have listened to "Resist Diaper Addiction (Cure Or Curse)" before listening to this file, and I strongly recommend not listening if you were cured by that file.

Now that only Mommy's good little babies are reading, it's time for the next step in your baby training, sweetie. Mommy is going back into your subconscious mind, and she is going to make everything just as she wants it to be.
Mommy will remove your scary memories of potty training and giving up diapers from your subconscious, because it feels so much better to be a happy baby in diapers than losing your dependence on them.
Also, Mommy will take you back to consciously long forgotten memories of being in your nursery, and she will show you how good and right it feels to be owned by Mommy, sleeping in a baby nursery, waking up in a wet diaper, with your baby things all around you, no matter where you look.

For my very special e-mail babies, Mommy loves you lots, thank you for being such good little ones for me. Mommy is so proud of you obedient little ones!

If you wish to become one of Mommy's very special e-mail babies, send me an e-mail at and if you're good, Mommy will help you with any baby training you need. :)

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You can achieve this goal only if you wish to.
For entertainment purposes only.

Email Mommy at

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