MM1_BladderRetraining Reinforcer - Sleep Trainer


MM1A_BladderRetraining Reinforcer - Sleep Trainer ☆

NB: You MUST use MM1_Bladder Retraining before using this or any of the other MM files.

This is a reinforcement file for those who have begun to experience success with the Mind Master Bladder Retraining file. It is about 90 minutes in length and intended to be run as an endless loop at night while you sleep.

The file will put you into a deep hypnotic sleep where your subconscious is wide open to suggestions and post hypnotic suggestions, and will encourage you to wet like a little baby and enjoy wetting your diapers and being in diapers.

If you have NOT used the Bladder Retraining file with some success, do not use this file as it will be of no benefit and little effect. The file also has part of the suggestions and post hypnotic suggestions from the Baby Acceptance file (not yet uploaded to WMM) but won't make you act like a baby.


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