MM5_Baby Life


MM5 Baby Life Training

NB: You MUST use MM1_Bladder Retraining before using this or any of the other MM files.

This file contains the induction, suggestions and awakener for training.

For BOYS Only.

This is the 5th and final full file in the Mind Master Baby Training series. It is intended to be played at night while you sleep as a continuous loop.

The file reinforces your love of diapers and wetting as a baby and solidifies your baby behaviours as normal all the time.

Now that you've been Bladder Retrained, accepted yourself as a baby, and learned Baby Behaviours, and been Baby Trained, it's time to begin a Baby Life.

You don't need to have used the previous MM_Baby Training files, BUT you must be in full time diapers and wetting as a baby or the file will have little effect.

This file will be most effective and solidify your baby existence if you have used the first files in order.

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