"Hypnotic Mist 3" - Complete Baby Forever


Before using this file you must have used HM1 – Complete Submissive Baby and experienced results with that file.

HM1- Complete Submissive Baby plants the suggestions for your baby brain, so we can teach your baby brain new behaviours and beliefs. You should now be wearing diapers all the time and wetting your diapers like a baby.

Welcome back to the mist, my good submissive baby. This file is a real treat for good babies like you. You will have your baby behaviours confirmed and reinforced deeper than ever before, taking what you've learned in the previous files to be Mommy's good submissive baby, you will become even more helpless to resist your baby brain's needs, and there will be changes to not only your mind, but your little baby body too.

You'll learn new behaviours that will help you become even more the sweet baby I know you need to become. As you know by now, the changes are permanent, and happily accepted by good submissive babies like you.

No more big kid pants for you now, forever. You will sleep as a baby from now on, happily dreaming of the baby you have become.

Your baby brain will take on even more control over your behaviors and beliefs, as Mommy will control your baby brain more with every listen, and turns you into a much happier baby, forever.

Little baby boys and sissy baby girls will love it as their little baby weewees shrink every day, safely shrinking to baby size in their diapers, and keep getting smaller and smaller until it is perfect for the baby you are. Won't that be nice? A tiny little wee wee in your thick soft diapers, the perfect change for you to make now.

    You should use HM1 - Complete Wet Submissive Baby first before using this file to ensure it has full effect for you.


    Created in collaboration with the wonderful MindMaster.

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