"Hypnotic Mist 1" – Complete, Wet, Submissive Baby


Are you ready to be deeply hypnotized and taught to submit totally to your new Mommy and learn to love your diapers, and forever peeing helplessly in your diapers as MY submissive little baby?

Of course you are, little one.

This file makes you easily and quickly enter a nice, deep hypnotic trance, lying in the comfortable Hypnotic Mist, and forces your little mind to be a good submissive little baby for Mommy.

You will learn to love your diapers more than ever before, because you will be mentally conditioned to wear only diapers all the time from now on, forever and ever.

Then, you’ll learn that you can only pee pee in your diapers or your pants, with all bladder control gone for good, because my babies can not use the potty.

And finally your little mind will be brainwashed so deeply that you will become my sweet, submissive little baby and will become more and more my sweet, submissive little baby every day.

This is the first file in the “Hypnotic Mist” series. You MUST use this file first before using any other files that will be released in this series.

Now get YOUR file quickly, because a few minutes from now, your mind will be taken into the deepest Hypnotic Mist trance and teach you to be the baby you've always needed to be, with no way back. Just make the choice, become my submissive, wet little baby forever.

By far my most powerful file, made in collaboration with the wonderful MindMaster.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You can achieve this goal only if you wish to.
For entertainment purposes only.

Email Mommy at sweetdreamshypno@gmail.com

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