"Hypnotic Mist 2" - Permanent Baby Behaviors


Before using this file you must have used HM1 – Complete Submissive Baby and experienced results with that file.

HM1- Complete Submissive Baby plants the suggestions for your baby brain, so we can teach your baby brain new behaviours and beliefs. You should now be wearing diapers all the time and wetting your diapers like a baby.

My sweet submissive baby, this file will help bring you further along your path to becoming the baby you know you are and need to be.

In this file, you will learn to behave more like the baby you need to be, sucking your pacifier whenever you can, and using bottles or sippy cups.
A soft plushie or comfort toy will go to bed with you now to help you cuddle and have sweet baby dreams, and you will talk like a sweet little toddler.
Your wet diapers constantly remind you that you are a baby, and now you start behaving more and more as the happy, submissive baby Mommy wants you to be, and will make you become.
Your pleasure triggers become stronger the more baby training you receive, and the deeper you go, the stronger your baby needs become.

Created in collaboration with the wonderful MindMaster.

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