"Hypnotic Mist 6" - Sissy Baby


Before using this file you must have used HM1 – Complete Submissive Baby and experienced results with that file.

HM1- Complete Submissive Baby plants the suggestions for your baby brain, so we can teach your baby brain new behaviours and beliefs. You should now be wearing diapers all the time and wetting your diapers like a baby.

Hello, my good submissive baby. Are you ready to become a sweet, prissy little sissy baby girl, princess?

We both know that your desires have been leading to becoming a completely obedient, sissified baby girl. It's obvious that you need to go further, to become a perfect sissy baby girl. Your baby brain is in control by now, and if it needs to become a perfect sissy baby girl, it just needs to listen to Mommy now, and become trained for perfect sissy submission.

If you've been a good baby and had your mind transformed in the depths of the hypnotic mist, you are completely dependent on wearing diapers day and night. Your behaviors and desires are that of a baby whenever it is safe, and your silly little penis has shrunk so much smaller than before. The obvious next step, is for Mommy to change you completely, into a sweet, pretty little princess. It doesn't matter what you think about being a sissy baby, your baby brain knows that after all the changes you have experienced, it's the obvious next step.

If you are a baby boy, you can try and resist my gentle words changing how you feel, and think, and act. We can see how many listens it takes until you are looking for the cutest, most girly baby things for you to use every day from now on. We might watch together as your name changes, as your mind forgets that you were a male, as you awaken to a completely new life as a sissy baby.

You will learn to obey your parent totally, and will do whatever your parent tells you, as a totally submissive sissy baby. You will be completely controlled by your parent. They can make you a prissy, helpless sissy baby any time they wish, anywhere they wish with a simple phrase. You have no control over this at all. You will be a completely controlled, feminized, blank sissy baby who cannot resist the commands of your trusted parent.

Whenever it is safe, you will wear the cutest baby girl clothes.  You will think like a sissy baby. You will be completely trained to serve in any way your parent tells you to, and be completely, absolutely obedient to your parent.

This is complete submission to a parent figure, unable to go back to controlling yourself on your own.

This is our longest file so far, and it contains a lot of extremely deep programming. The depth of trance that can be experienced, provided you have trained with the mist files before, is extreme, so make sure you have completely safe, and unhindered time to trance and slip under into the depths of your baby brain before you listen.

There is no way to reverse the effects of this file, so be completely sure that you are ready to be a sissy baby who can and will remain changed completely and permanently.

Made with love from Mommy and MindMaster.

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